Presentation and networking with Architects without borders (ASF)

In mid November Amanda was invited to Gotheburg´s local chapter of Architects without borders (ASF) to hold a presentation about our community centre project in Chamazi. ASF is an international organisation working with different projects very similar to ours all around the world, including Tanzania.

Webpage to the local chapter:
Webpage to the international site:

The presentation was held in the architecture office Okidoki Arkitekter in central Gothenbug. There were about 15 to 20 persons in the audience and some of them were active members in the association while others were just interested to know more about the organisation. They all seemed very interested in our project and after the presentation I got to talk to two girls working on a project on Zanzibar constructing a self sufficient cantine for S.O.S child villages, called Green Canteen. We decided to keep contact and to exchange knowledge during our projects since we are very much in the same situation!


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