Training Workshop – Water bottle wall at Madale

During her trip Léa organized a workshop in collaboration with Art in Tanzania (AIT) and CCI in order to give a training to the Chamazi community.


Currently AIT is building a new volunteer house in the area called Madale. In order to protect the house again the rain water, they needed to build a small wall behind the house. That is why I decided to provide the Chamazi community members to come there and build this wall with plastic bottles. Everybody get advantages : AIT has the wall they needed and Chamazi community a training to prepare them to build the future Community Center.

The workshop was unrolled during two days, the 18th and 19th of August.

Participated also some people from the communities of Karakata and Mabwepande, which CCI is working with. Sajie Nswebe, the project manager for Chamazi community, stayed with us during all the Workshop.


Everybody worked very well and was fully invested on the construction. We made the wall step by step including sticking bottles with sand, preparing the foundations, the cement mixture, etc. We finished to create a wave shape for the top of the wall and plaster it : one part with cement and the second part with clay. We keep diagonals without plaster to show to the neighbors and passers how this small wall was built.

We had the chance to have the visit of a journalist, Robert Temalilwa working for Nipashe Newspaper. A few days later an article about the water bottle construction workshop appeared in the newspaper.

Moreover, I contacted Elias Kwanama from National Housing & Building Research Agency and told him that he is welcome to visit us during the workshop and see how the construction made with plastic bottles is going. So, I was happy to see Amri A.Juma, Simon Mushi and Pato Ninje working for NHBRA coming to visit us and discover the new construction materials with the bottles and also with bamboo that Art in Tanzania is using for the second floor of the volunteer house. They looked very interested. Now, due to the workshop, NHBRA is in contact with AIT.


Marjut (from Art in Tanzania) with Amri A.Juma, Simon Mushi and Pato Ninje (from NHBRA)

I think the result was quite positive. The organization worked well from the beginning to the end, the goal has been reached, participants learned more and seemed happy about these two days. Everybody left with a personal certificate and a large smile !






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