Chamazi visit – Meeting with Said Seif

Léa went to visit Chamazi with Sajie Nswebe, one of the CCI team leaders and project manager for Chamazi community.

After a meeting at CCI office, they went there together using only public transports. It was quite interesting to realize how the distance is long from CCI office, which is situated near Millenium Tower, to Chamazi. It requires four dalala (public bus) changes and takes minimum two hours.


When we arrived at Chamazi, we met Said Seif, the chairman of Mungano Housing Cooperative. During the discussion, we get news about the actual situation of the constructions : now, four houses are fully built, the eight rental houses are almost finished, and they are continuing slowly to build other houses. Still, because of the lack of funding the constructions are too slow. But the good thing is they have strategic plans. For example, they were focus on building many foundations first before to start to build the walls. That is why, today 35 foundations are ready to use. The second step, when future inhabitants finish to pay and to choose their houses, they can start to prepare bricks and tiles.



Later, we walked around the community to visit the new constructions, still with Sajie Nswebe and Said Seif. It was interesting to observe all the evolution since we came in February and also since Amanda visit the place. We were a week day so not so many people were around but we get the chance to meet some community members and discuss with them. I was surprised and glad to see the happiness on their faces to recognize that I am part of the “Finnish girls” working on the Community Center. Moreover they remember that Amanda came a few weeks ago so they seem to note our real motivation for this project.

We hope to see you soon Chamazi and start the Community Center’s construction !

Let’s keep patience still a few months.






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